Who am I?

Hey there I am Charity! Welcome to my page.


What can i say about my self? hmmmm…I am a gal of proven integrity and transparent honesty. Has a semi-decent taste in music. I am one of those person who brings the vibes everywhere I go, you will never have a dull moment with me. 

Traveling is my passion. I travel because the best form of education is one you experience. A lot of people think that if you travel solo, you’re alone nearly all of the time. Well, that couldn’t be more untrue as I am hardly alone. One of the nice things about traveling is that even if you’re shy, it’s easy to make conversation with people around you.  If nothing else, you have travel in common. 

I love to travel as you’ve gotta meet new people. Meeting interesting and diverse people around the world, connecting with them and learning about their perspective on how to live life has enriched my life and my knowledge of the world in a way that words cannot express and there is nothing more fulfilling to me than the smell of a new beach, the sounds of a new city, the traditions of an alternative culture, the flavours of a different cuisine, and the melody of an unfamiliar language.

My purpose with this blog is to transmit to people who haven’t had the chance to travel as much as I have the experiences that have shaped and transformed my life, and the lessons learned in every journey so far taken. So, stay tuned for travel stories, tips, and ideas for new adventures.

Dream. Explore. Discover.

3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi Charity,

    I’m glad to have found your blog. I read several articles on your blog and I think it is useful for the tourists 🙂

    Let me introduce myself, My name is Sam Wong, a HongKonger who love travel. Two months ago, I had created a travel site which aims to connect the bloggers and the tourists. Bloggers can share the link of their articles and let tourists find the useful travel articles more easily. I know you love travel and write a lots of articles about travel, so I would like to invite you to share your articles, let more tourists can know more about your travel story. Look for your reply, hope you all the best!


    Sam Wong

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