Japan Travelog – Day 4 (Senso-ji Temple, Meiji Shrine, Disney Sea)

My last day in Tokyo. Despite sleeping at around 4am the night before, surprisingly I still managed to wake up at 6am to wash up and prepare for day 4 in Tokyo.

First stop was Sensoji Temple. I took a train ride to JR Asakusa Station and once arrived I go out exit 1 (look at the map to make sure). Then when at ground level, I see so many tricycle taxi on the side walk. Go straight, Sensoji Temple is on the right. I am pretty much hustled from the subway station up to the temple as my today itinerary was quite tight. The beautiful historical temple area itself is worth visiting. The temple entrance and inside shrines are quite majestic and picturesque. The walk from the entrance to the other end is lined with shopping arcades. Lots of wayside eateries with fresh tempura and teriyaki.There were plenty of food options everywhere. From snacks to eat on the spot to crackers and other souvenirs to bring back for your friends and family.In between the walk you get a nice view of the Tokyo Skytree with some cherry blossom branches.

Before I enter to the temple I tried my fortune. By donating ¥100 to the piggy bank there, you can try your luck by shaking the tin provided until a wooden stick came out. There will be a number written in Japanese characters. If you can’t read the number shown, just look at which drawer has the same writing. Hehehe!! Open the drawer, take one sheet of the paper inside, and read. If it’s a good thing/fortunate, bring the paper back with you. If it wasn’t a good thing, fold the paper and tied it on the wire near the temple. They said we can’t bring back bad luck. But I bring mine though I don’t know if it was bad or good luck because nobody can translate for me in English.. haha!


After trying my luck I went to visit the temple and as a normal practice you need to clean your body with the holy water available in the temple area before entering the temple and then pray with the God and Goddess.


Unfortunately,I am running out of time. I have to rush but I admired the place, took some pictures, walked around some of the other buildings, and had to take off. That’s all about Sensoji Temple. It’s free entrance, but I think it would be better to go at night.

Second stop was Meiji Shrine. It is conveniently located near Harujuku (JR Yamanote) Station. So, if you want to escape the noise in Tokyo then visit Meiji Shrine. As soon as I arrived at the entrance, I felt calm and peaceful. There was a spiritual feeling in it. If you were lucky enough you may able to see the traditional wedding in procession (like me). When I went there I manage to see a beautiful traditional wedding in the temple’s yard. Looks like a royalty wedding in action.

A large variety of charms can be purchased from wealth, health, success, to love, it is near the shrine building. Near the main shrine you will find wishing boards. You get a nice wooden block to write your wish and hang it with everyone else’s. It is¥500 per piece but if you are on budget you could write your wishes on the paper provided there and give a donation.


I did not spend much time at the shrine as I need to rushed at DisneySea because it is the only DisneySea in the world. I thought I could spend both in a day Disneyland and DisneySea at my 3rd day but unfortunately cannot. DisneySea is just beside Disneyland in Tokyo there is no link from inside, you have to choose between the two. Do not be fooled by the word “Sea”, it is not entirely water-themed. The theme park is centered around a big lake.

Make sure you take ride of Tower of Terror is an accelerated drop tower dark ride which had the longest queue. Try also Journey to the Center of the Earth and Indiana Jones. Fast pass is your friend here. You should reach by 7 am to get early fast pass. I went afternoon so I have to stand in the queue, 80 mins each ride but it is great fun and the rides are good and worth it. The Alladin part is a must see. You’ll truly feel the Arabic vibe.

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Tokyo DisneySea was even better than Disneyland, because of its attraction that suits to adult. I just ride the best rides then rushed back around 6pm to catch up the train going Osaka.

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