Tromsø Norway: “The Paris of the North”

Welcome to the arctic city of Tromsø, the world’s most northern university town and the largest city in the Nordic countries north of the Arctic Circle. The city lies between the sharp craggy peaks of the Lyngen Alps, and combines wild scenery with urban life. Tromsø is often referred to as Paris of the North due to its lively … Continue reading Tromsø Norway: “The Paris of the North”

Snow in Spring (Dynaland Ski Resort)

For many people especially Filipinos, climate is one of the biggest considerations in choosing a place to visit. Because the Philippines is a tropical country and is usually hot and humid, a lot of Filipinos want to experience or see snow. When I went to Japan it was early Spring and I wanted to experience snow for the … Continue reading Snow in Spring (Dynaland Ski Resort)