Snow in Spring (Dynaland Ski Resort)

For many people especially Filipinos, climate is one of the biggest considerations in choosing a place to visit. Because the Philippines is a tropical country and is usually hot and humid, a lot of Filipinos want to experience or see snow. When I went to Japan it was early Spring and I wanted to experience snow for the first time. I am not so sure if still got snow but based on my research that there are few ski resorts that goes through until late March or early April. So visitors who wanted to experience snow in end of winter and early spring you may consider going to Dynaland Resort.

I planned to go ski resort close to Osaka that you can have ski or snowboard all day and be back in town at night, so I decided to look at options in Gifu. I ended up choosing Dynaland because that is the nearest from Osaka and it is one of the resort that opens till early April. Dynaland Ski Resort is located in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture.The resort is located about 3km off Route 156 (also known as Hida Highway). Both the Takasu IC and Hirugano Kogen SA Smart IC (ETC card-equipped cars only) are the closest exits on the nearby Tokai Hokuriku Expressway. About 13km away is Hokuno Station on the Etsumi Nan line, and Dynaland is also about a 30 minutes bus journey from the larger Mino Shirotori Station on the same line.

I left the hotel at around 5:10 in the morning to catch the earliest train. On this journey I depended on google maps and gps. It helped but not accurate enough and so I ended up lost. I tried to asked locals of my destination but they aint got idea of what I am talking about. I went to a travel agency near the bus interchange and asked of how to get there but she gave me a way which is almost same of what I have researched. I am on doubt of the inforamtion she provided because the journey is quite long which based on what I have research it wont took so long to get there but I still go for it.

I reached Goju City at around 11 in the morning and sadly I missed the 8:30AM bus going to Dynaland. The next bus is 1:30 in the afternoon which I don’t want to wait because it will waste my time. So, I asked the lady inside the store near the bus stop if there is cab around the area and this time I am luckily that I can get a cab but need to walk about 15 minutes to the location where to get cab. As I went through the location I look around and the place is so pleasant and relaxing. There are small boutique stores.The place is largely consists of mountains and beautiful rivers.

When I reached on the location, in order to get the cab you have to booked for it. I asked how much will it cost because I am not to sure if my cash will be enough. It is quite expensive and to make sure I have enough cash I also asked if where I can withdraw money, they instruct me to go further down the store. I tried Lawson at first but they do not accept international card. I walk quite farther then I reached the Shell Station with ATM machine but still unfortunate as it only accepts local cards. I am hoping that when I reached the resort will have an ATM machine and since it’s a tourist attraction I believe that the resort maybe have ATM. So, I just go ahead and happily took the cab. The mountain view was so stunning and when you get nearer to the resort it is getting colder and colder. You can see along the way they have temperature check. After 15 minutes I reached at the resort and I immediately inquire if where I can able to withdraw cash and I didn’t expect there is none at all even money exchanger don’t have. I went up to the clothes and ski rental, since I don’t have enough cash I asked if they do accept credit card and luckily they are acccepting. It was a lesson learned, so those who would like to visit the resort you should not forget to bring enough cash. If you are also not driving make sure you know the last trip of the bus going to the station, because the area got limited cab and bus especially weekends, the bus operate at few timings only.

My expectations was pretty low at first because its end of winter. But I was amazed of the place, Dynaland resort is a decent place and its also connected to the nearby resort called Takasu snow park. On this particular day I boarded at Dynaland only. My purpose of visiting the resort is to play with snow but I felt so interested when I saw people skiing and so I also tried it. I am a beginner in skiing and let say it was my first time. I am kinda having hard time to balance and play with it so I kept falling down because of this I didn’t go further up with slope. I suggest to get an instructor and maybe it would help if you take a lesson for few days. It was quite tiring or maybe I wrongly do the proper way of skiing. Haha!

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I stayed 4 hours in the resort in order to catch the bus and yes it was really my day I missed the last bus again. So again and again I have to booked for a cab going to the station. But I don’t know how as the area is like nobody around and like no cars passing by and it was really cold. Few minutes standing in the bus station there was a car passed by and I suddenly approached and asked if how to get a cab, I am glad she was able to taught me how and gave me the contact details to booked. I called and as expected we couldn’t understand each other on our conversation but the driver managed to fetch me on the bus station where I am waiting.

He sent me to the nearest train station, and I was quite surprised the train station is so open. Though got waiting station but even you are inside it is still so cold. Waiting time of the train was 20 minutes so I went the store beside the train station and have some coffee, it was already closed but the lady was kind enough to served. When the train arrived I was even more surprised because it was so small and it’s like those old type of train but so cozy. I didn’t expect that Japan is still having those kind of train though they are really advance. It was amazing to see that they preserved this kind of things. While you are on train you will also amazed of the views. The houses, plants, all green surroundings and nature. It was around 10:00 in the evening when I reached Osaka. Bringing memorable memories and good experience.

Tips: Spring is one of the greatest times of the year to be introduced to skiing and snowboarding in Japan. There are less crowds in Spring time and no lines-ups at the lifts.The price nearly every resort open past April offers reduced-rate lift tickets for spring skiing. You’ll have great photo opportunities with glimmering 360 degree views of the beautiful white-blanketed mountains. The weather is a little warmer, fortunately, meaning you won’t have frozen fingers and toes.

3 thoughts on “Snow in Spring (Dynaland Ski Resort)

  1. Hi There. May I know how much you spent for the entrance, rental of gears and expected transportation costs? My family is visiting Osaka during the Christmas holidays! Thanks!


    1. Hi! I went there end of winter season which is not considered as peak season and only half a day, I went there by train using my JR Pass but also took cab cos I missed the bus so do take note that bus got timing and afternoon last trip is like 3:30PM. This won’t cost too much if public transport by train and bus, but if you take cab will cost much cos from Goju City to Dynaland Resort will be around 200sgd so better take note of the timing of the bus and they got free shuttle from Dainichidake too. If with kids better rent a car and drive. Entrance to lift is around 50sgd/person for a half day only and rentals of gears like 70sgd/person. I think Christmas would be considered as peak season so expect it will be expensive. Hope it helps.


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